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5 Reasons Why Natural Stone is Ideal for Gardens in the UK

Renowned for its durability, longevity and attractive colouring, natural stone is a popular material for landscaping in the UK. Whether you’re planning to create a small patio area or redevelop an entire garden, the material is versatile and able to stand the test of time. 

It’s a popular choice here in the UK for a number of reasons; from its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions to the general uniqueness of the stones. To shed some further light, here’s our round-up of 5 reasons why natural stone is ideal for gardens in the UK. 

1. It’s durable 

Natural stone has an unrivalled durability when it comes to paving. Whilst concrete is a popular choice for many, over time it weathers, cracks and becomes difficult to repair. Natural stone on the other hand is an investment that is built to last.

The formation of natural stone whether sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous means they contain a range of properties which aren’t found in manufactured stone. Resistance to acid, heat and cooler temperatures makes it immune to extreme weather and spillages. 

Our Limestone and Sandstone paving ranges are also porous which is a great benefit for gardens in the UK. Both are able to absorb water, meaning they can withstand heavy downpours and still look great. 

Similarly, patios see a lot of wear and tear over time. Garden furniture, potted plants and kids’ toys can all cause damage. However, due to the naturally occurring elements in this form of stone, it’s more resistant to corrosion.

2. It has a natural character and beauty

As with any naturally formed material, no single piece of natural stone is identical. This quality means that a patio made up from this material will have its own bespoke look. Homeowners are therefore able to create their own tailored designs with a unique blend of tones and shades. 

It also has an enduring life cycle which means colours change slightly over time, improving its appearance. 

Our Sandstone and Limestone ranges come in a variety of shades from the light Fossil Mint to our statement Kotah Black. Each variety has its own unique character, ideal for a range of applications depending on the overall style you are looking to achieve. 

3. It’s green 

The impact we have on the environment has never been so important and finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint is key. Among paving materials, natural stone is considered to be one of the most green, thanks to the way it’s made and processed. 

Once formed, the stone is extracted from the earth using low energy techniques and machinery, therefore limiting its carbon footprint. Man-made paving materials, such as concrete, undergo a very different manufacturing process. The complex steps required to make concrete and cement creates 8% of global man-made emissions of CO2, making the industry one of the largest producers of this greenhouse gas. 

4. It’s easy to clean and maintain 

Paved patios and terraces are a popular choice in the UK thanks to the lack of maintenance required. A simple sweep with a bristle brush will remove any leaves and debris, keeping your paving clear of any surface Lichen or moss. 

For light washing, a simple, neutral PH soap with water will keep the surface of your stone looking clean. 

5. It can improve property value 

Thanks to its durability, easy maintenance and general attractiveness, natural paving stone has been proven to enhance curb appeal and therefore property value. 

First impressions are key to selling a home, so a naturally paved garden will help to enhance the overall viewing experience. 

Expansion of ground floor living spaces has also been a popular investment for homeowners wanting to increase their property value. Terraces and patios, providing an extension to the kitchen for summer months and helping to bring the outdoors in is particularly popular. 

The quality and durability that natural paving provides is also attractive to potential buyers who can see the longevity of the landscaping and view it as part of the investment.

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