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How to Transform Your Garden into a Tranquil Haven in 5 Simple Steps

When the sun is shining, like it has been for the past few months, having an outdoor space is a blessing. A space to take a break from the house, put your feet up and let the kids burn off some energy. 

Whether you have a small yard or sprawling garden, your space may sometimes feel pretty hectic. Kids’ toys, paddling pools, garden equipment and BBQs can get in the way of you relaxing with a good book. 

If you need to make your space a little more calming, here’s our top 5 tips on how to transform your garden into a tranquil haven.

1. Create zones 

Zones help to create different vibes in a garden, from vibrant entertaining spaces to cosy nooks perfect for an afternoon nap! They are especially good if you have little ones and want to create areas for them to play as well as a space for you to take a rest bite. 

For a tranquil space, choose a nook, maybe at the bottom of the garden that would be perfect for your morning coffee. If you have the budget, you could create a small patio area where you can install a hammock or just a pair of comfortable chairs.

For added privacy, add a wall around your space using potted plants such as bamboo or fir trees which will continue to grow out and create an added barrier from noise.

Remember that you don’t need a large garden to create zones. Using garden dividers like bamboo screens and potted evergreens, you can easily break up your space.

2. Add a little water

The sound of water has been scientifically proven to help induce calmness and sleep. Scientists categorised types of noises and the effect they have on our brains. The slow, calming intonation of water is classed as a ‘non-threatening’ noise which helps to calm our minds. 

Adding the sound of water to your garden doesn’t require a pond, there are plenty of water features available to suit all budgets. From small, battery operated features that you can tuck into a flower bed to larger, more extravagant ones that you can make a feature of on your patio or deck. 

3. Introduce paving

Whether you’re looking to create a patio or you want to swap out your grass for a more hassle-free option, paving can be a great solution. In a tranquil garden, having a space where you can comfortably pull up a chair and relax or dine al fresco really can make all the difference. 

Not only can paving provide a way to create different zones in your garden, it’s also a hassle free solution. 

4. Let there be light 

Summer is on its way and the days are lasting longer, so make the most of those walm, balmy evenings with some added light. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your landscaping or add some quaint fairy lights around your seating area, good lighting can really make all the difference. 

There are plenty of options too, from solar powered lanterns to recessed lighting built within your patio or deck. Just be mindful that if you opt for solar, their effectiveness will depend on the amount of light your garden gets throughout the day. 

5. Get your seating right 

Heading out to relax on an old rusty chair isn’t exactly appealing. You want to make sure that you have comfortable furniture to sit back and really relax on. From dining sets and sun loungers to hanging egg chairs, there are plenty of options available. 

Just be sure to choose furniture that is waterproof or has a rain cover to ensure it stands the test of time when exposed to the elements.

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