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10 Ingenious ways to make the most of a small garden

Not everyone is blessed with a large garden but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your smaller space. Plus, small gardens definitely have their perks with far less maintenance and fewer areas to spruce up. 

From terraces to small yards, it’s surprising what you can do with a little creativity. To help, here’s 10 ways to make the most of a small garden.

Create a green screen 

If your garden is overlooked or your balcony is semi-shared, creating a ‘green screen’ can be a great, non-intrusive way of gaining a little privacy. By ‘green screen’ we mean using potted bamboo or evergreen plants to create a living wall. 

Not only is this an attractive way of creating a fence, it can also act as an added sound barrier. You can really get creative with this too - take a look at different types of evergreens first and choose the one that reflects the overall style of your garden. Here’s a handy article to help.

Opt for suspended seating 

Hanging egg chairs and hammocks seem to be all the rage right now, particularly with the weather we’re having. What’s great about this type of seating in smaller gardens is that it’s space saving. Hammocks can be easily untied and tucked away when entertaining and suspended seating doesn’t clutter up your floor space.

Create living walls 

Whilst you may not have the space for flower beds and vegetable patches, why not grow up the walls instead. You can opt for climbing plants such as Hydrangea, Ivy and Jasmine or consider using pouches to grow herbs and smaller plants in. Not only is this a super practical option, it also looks great - win-win!

Add some drama with light 

Light can make a huge amount of difference to a small garden. It can illuminate features and plants whilst creating a cosy ambient vibe at night. This is especially good if your garden doesn’t get much sun and can feel dull at times. There are plenty of options too from quaint fairy lights to bold, recessed paving lights. 

Use mirrors

Mirrors are used by many around the home to create the illusion of extra space, so why not take this out into the garden? Think about the areas that get the least light and place the mirrors strategically so they reflect the sun and brighten up your space. 

Make the most of pots 

Flower pots are a great way to add colour and vibrancy to a small garden. Whilst flower beds and rockeries may be out of the question, it’s surprising how much difference a few pots can make. If you’re aiming for a more tranquil vibe, choose muted pastel colours found in the likes of Lavender and Sweet Pea to create a more zen vibe. For a more vibrant look, bold flowers such as tulips and pansies will work a treat. 

Incorporate a seating area 

Having a defined space for eating, entertaining and relaxing will help to break up your space a little and create zones. Using paving to create a patio can be a great, hassle free option which will also look great. Alternatively, use flower pots to separate the space. 

Play with levels

Whilst you may not have the space to incorporate steps and raised patios, you can easily create the illusion of levels with a little creativity. Raised planters can be used to add an elevated bed for plants and flowers to draw the eye up. Garden accessories such as low coffee tables, lanterns and potted plants can also help to break up a linear space. 

Make wildlife welcome 

If you want to bring your small garden to life with a flurry of live activity, use bird boxes and feeding stations to attract some feathered friends. For insects like bees and butterflies, wild flowers such as poppies and foxglovers are a firm favourite. You can buy wildflower seeds at your local garden centre. 

Add sounds

Whether you like the sound of water or chimes, adding sound can create a real sense of ambiance in a small garden. A water fountain or wind chime can also add a focal point to your space whether you opt for a large statement piece or a smaller more discrete fountain. 

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