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4 Reasons to Steer Clear of Cheap Paving

Whilst it’s tempting to make big savings on household purchases, when it comes to paving, if something sounds too good to be true, it often is. If you want your new patio or driveway to really stand the test of time, cutting too many corners with price could leave you with more problems. 

Here's 4 reasons to steer clear of cheap paving...

1. Stains and discolouration 

Because of the cheaper materials used to make budget paving stones, stains and signs of discolouring are often more pronounced. When man made materials like concrete stain, it’s much more difficult to remove than on natural stone. Plus, too much scrubbing and cleaning can actually lead to more damage on the surface, leaving it more prone to discolouration over time. 

2. Drainage issues 

If you’re looking to save on paving, you may be inclined to install it yourself. However, unless you’re an expert, we’d advise against this. Yes, there are plenty of online videos and tutorials that make it seem easy but without experience, it can go badly wrong. 

Laying paving is no easy task, especially when it comes to understanding drainage. Every garden and driveway is different so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method. If your calculations are off even slightly, poor drainage can lead to cracks, flooding and discolouration over time. This will limit the use of your patio for entertaining particularly after heavy rain. 

3. Wear and tear over time 

Concrete is often a popular choice when it comes to cheaper paving options. However, as a man made material, it doesn’t last as long as its natural equivalents and is prone to cracking and over time. The problem with this is that it’s no easy fix and your cracked patio will most likely need to be removed and replaced, costing you twice as much in the long run. 

4. Cleanliness 

A key reason for laying paving is the low maintenance it requires. With natural paving stones, a good brush to remove any build ups and a hose down is usually enough to keep it looking clean. However, cheaper materials such as brick are prone to becoming a breeding ground for moss during wet seasons. This growth can also pose as a slip hazard and require a much more thorough clean using bleach. 

Investing in natural stone

Good paving does not have to cost the earth. In fact, whilst our paving is high-quality, natural stone, our prices are very competitive. By investing a little more, you can rest assured that your new patio is built to really stand the test of time. 

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