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How to Create a Multi level Garden

A flat, large expanse might be the perfect blank slate you’re looking for when designing your garden. However, a tiered garden, with different sections and borders, can give your garden designs endless possibilities. The various levels give you the freedom to plan out distinct focal points. Elevating your space, literally, from the mundane to the exciting and unique. 

Thinking about creating your own multi levelled garden? To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite tiered garden ideas as well as some helpful tips for getting started. 

1.     Pen and paper at hand!

The best place to start is getting it out on paper. You don’t have to be an artist, but some basic measuring skills are required. Draw your garden, along with accurate measurements, and brainstorm what you can do with your space. 

This is a critical part of the planning process, as it requires evaluating what you already have. Is your garden perfectly flat, or does it slightly slope up? Are there random bumps and dips? Write it all down. By surveying your patch of land, you can determine what’s possible. As there's nothing more disappointing than having grand ambitions only to realise they don’t fit. 

2.     Work with what you’ve got.

Now you know what you can and can’t do, make use of the aspects of your garden that are already in place. From strong fences to naturally raised areas, you can save yourself a lot of time by working this way.

For plants and bushes that you wish to move but not get rid of, you can carefully transfer them into pots temporarily. This way they won’t get damaged during the renovation period. Also, saving you money when it comes to the aesthetic design and finishing touches, as you won’t have to buy all new greenery. 

3.     Interest at eye level.


The visual possibilities are so exciting when putting your garden's vertical space to good use. Raising your garden means you will no longer have to stoop to admire your blooms, instead they will be right in front of you. This type of landscaping can be intimidating to plan, but by making use of your levels and various plant heights you can quickly create a dramatic scene at eye level.

4.     Decide your style.

What style are you going for? If you favour a more rustic feel, wooden-cladded edges to border your levels and containers are great for a relaxed, organic feel. Prefer a more contemporary style? Why not look into paving stones as your foundation. Bright, light coloured paving stones can create a beautiful sense of space and openness. 

5.     Raise the patio. 

Creating a landscaping masterpiece is a thrilling accomplishment. Being able to gaze onto your very own hanging gardens of Babylon from your back window is very satisfying. However, making your tiered garden functional and inviting will make your work seem all the most rewarding. Why not make a seating area at the highest point with some paving stones, making it stable for some garden furniture?  Leaving you with the perfect spot to look down on your new garden, with a cup of tea in hand. After all, the best gardens are the ones where memories are made. 


6.     Separate it with themes.


When thinking about your garden visually it can be hard to picture how it’s going to look when it's done. But when it comes to planning your garden, think about what you want to do there. Do you plan on hosting parties, or do you fancy relaxing with a book in the shade? Asking yourself questions like these are helpful for planning the areas of your tiered garden. You could have an area or level devoted to seating and a barbeque and another area with just grass so you can have somewhere to play games or for the little ones to run about. And another area secluded and shaded for relaxing in the sun with a good book or even a cocktail while the heatwave blazes on. 

Planning your garden can be really exciting, especially if you’re thinking about changing the layout. Here at Lesta Paving we have some of the best paving stones for your designs, ensuring your dream garden looks stunning and lasts!

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