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Think seamless outdoor indoor living might be for you? Here are 8 tips for designing your new space.

A bold new trend has been sweeping the interior and exterior design worlds in recent years, heralding a new and exciting era in home design. Seamless indoor outdoor living is usually seen in Malibu beach houses and sprawling estates. But now we are seeing it more and more across the country and there's no surprise, a seamless living space is not only a dramatic and stylish look but it solves a lot of misused space issues.

In this blog we’re looking at reasons why seamless living spaces are so popular as well as some tips for achieving this new trend.

With house prices currently rising, living space is in high demand. Any way to achieve a more open plan, spacious house is on the top of a buyer's lists. It’s easy to see why the ‘seamless’ living trend is growing, blending the transition between outside and inside allows for an extra few feet on the property's living area. 


Light up the outside

Lighting is essential for both interior and exterior spaces, investing in some substantial lighting can make the outside space feel just as cosy and inviting as the inside. Light fixtures on either side of the border will help create a blended feel to the layout. 

Be creative where you place your lights, hanging them on trees or darted around the garden will make the space look like it is lit by moonlight, with soft light dappled across the garden. 

Summer effect


Using exterior paving stones inside the house can seem like a daunting venture. However, 

@alittlevictorianrenovation has beautifully shown the stylish effect produced by such a bold choice. Our new Buff Smooth and Grey Smooth paving stones are great choices for matching your interior and exterior flooring. 

Extending the home

Speaking of bold choices, extending the feeling of your home in the garden can take many forms. It doesn’t have to just be the floor, why not create an external bar or worksurface to encourage you and your house to cook and work outside. By keeping both spaces in mind when planning, and considering them as one  whole space the final product will feel more connected.

Let in the light

An immediate positive to seamless living is the light. Having a seamless indoor outdoor living space means letting in all the natural light from the back garden. Allowing it to spread across the whole space, giving the whole floor a lifted and positive atmosphere. 

Echo in the inside

To create a seamless transition using design tips and tricks can help. Accessorize with similar accents and colours, bringing the inside into the garden. This will help to create the same feeling and ambiance on both sides of the line between the internal and external space.

Similar or matching tables and chairs, or even simple touches like having flowers from the garden on the dining room table will create a seamless flow between the spaces. 

Focal Point

What would entice you to spend more time outside? A water feature? Or maybe a sculpture? By extending the line of vision to an eye-catching design outside, the interior will feel larger.

A focal point just outside, especially if it is well lit, will encourage you and your guests to spend longer outside, making use of your innovative floor plan. 

Seating and Furniture


When perfecting the useability of your new ‘outroom’ one of the best things to think about is the atmosphere you want to create. Is Hygge your new design inspiration? Or do you prefer a more minimal look?

Either way deciding the fabrics and and textiles you want for your space can make a big difference in the final look of the scene. Not only are blankets and rugs practical, they will also create an instant sense of calm and relaxation to the outdoor space. 

Glass doors

By opting for sliding glass doors you can encourage time outside by keeping the doors open throughout the day. Glass doors also mean you will always be able to see your creative design, even in the winter months. 

After the past few years stuck indoors, days can pass before you realise you haven’t been out for anything but the essentials. Making an effort to go outside and get some fresh air can seem pointless and time consuming, especially during a busy day. But having your living area seep into the outside, will encourage you to take a moment for a few deep breaths outside. And if you’re lucky enough, work in the garden.  

Feeling inspired? Check out our new range of porcelain paving which works particularly well for seamless living. Our smooth stone range is a great choice for internal and external use too. And be sure to tag us @lestapaving if you do decide to create a seamless space.