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Customer Gardens: Our Paving Stones, Landscaped by You

As summer draws to a close we thought we’d look back on some of our favourite customer gardens. From sprawling multi-level spaces to more subtle back garden patios, seeing how our customers have used our products is always rewarding. 

Whether you decide to go for a traditional layout or a unique and creative design, how you plan your garden is all up to you. From the choice of paving stone to the final placement, we love seeing how our products look in different gardens. 

This product is called Buff Smooth for a reason, just look how it catches the light. This customer has the perfect suntrap garden. The step up to the grass adds a subtle demarkation, dividing the space and the large trellis adds a high to the garden. 

Our Buff Smooth stone stands out against the bright green grass and the subtle variations of colour in the paving stones add a unique and characterful touch to the garden. 

The dark hues of our Kotah Black paving stone are brilliant for separating your garden into zones and areas. We love this customer's innovative idea to add a stepping stone path through the grass, this will definitely come in handy on wet days.

Finding the right balance between paving stones and grass can be tricky, ensuring you have the right amount of  each means taking into consideration what you want out of your garden and also who will be spending the most amount of time there. If you are going to have kids running about, having a good stretch of grass in place will help put your mind at ease if they tumble and fall. 

This is one of the most creative tile designs we’ve seen. It works as both a divider of the space and an eye catching addition to the garden. This customer has chosen very complimentary stones making the subtle changes in colour of the paving stones delicate and soft to the eye.

The matching furniture and surrounding stones make the grey colour palette stand out next to exotic and flourishing plants in the borders around the fence. 


This customer has really used the size and shape of their garden to their advantage. Opting for minimal furniture and plants makes the long shape feel spacious and inviting. The crisp white furniture adds to that ‘by the pool’ aesthetic, making it perfect for long lazy afternoons. 

Our Kandla Grey paving stone is one of our best sellers, it offers the perfect medium between a traditional and complementary look suitable for any garden. 


What a vibrant spot! From the gorgeous flowers to the incredible garden furniture, this garden is fit for any occasion. The clean cut boarders make this dreamy back garden perfect for dinner parties or for simply relaxing with friends. Our Raj Green paving stones match the colour scene perfectly, making the whole space a cohesive and colourful scene. 

Feeling inspired to change your garden up? Be sure to check out some of our products on our website and feel free to give us a call to get the ball rolling on your dream garden. If you do revamp your space be sure to tag us on Instagram @lestapaving, we love seeing how our products fit into your garden.