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Customer Gardens: Our Paving Stones, Landscaped by You

We love seeing how our customers design their gardens and patios using our paving stones. Whether it’s a new patio or driveway, each one is unique and inspiring for us to see. 

In this blog we’re looking at some of our customer designs who have used a variety of our paving stones. If you’re looking for some garden inspiration look no further, here are some of our favourite customer creations.

This customer's garden looks like the perfect spot for hosting with the large french doors and the spacious garden. Our Autumn Blend paving stones are great for making a colourful and warm impact. The golden hue of this garden is perfect for the browns and oranges featured in our Autumn Blend sandstones. 

Repeating paving patterns are hugely popular for anyone who’s looking to add an extra level of interest to their garden. Mixing different materials can add depth and sophistication to your space. This customer has created a perfect example of how to compose a unique geometric design with our paving stones. We’re inspired!

Our paving stones are also great for defining a space, giving it shape and character. We love what this customer has done. Working around the flower beds with pebbles gives the garden an additional layer of interest while protecting the different areas of the garden. 

Creating different levels in your garden can be enhanced by using different coloured paving stones. This customer has used a warmer shade for the step, making it stand out. The dramatic chairs and built in seating area and stylish plants create a clean and minimal space, ideal for relaxing.

We hope some of these gardens have inspired you to get creative with your garden. If you do decide to change up your outside space, be sure to tag us @lestapaving. We love to see how our customers design their patios with our products!