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Garden Trends Set to be Huge in 2022

While 2021 was a year of indulging in comfort and experimenting with making your garden feel like an extension of your home, 2022 trends seem to be setting off on more bolder tracks. However, one thing will stay the same, what we want to get out of our garden - wellbeing and sustainability. Think hotel-esque relaxing seating areas with mini greenhouses growing mint to add to your summer cocktail. 

Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic our gardens have become our well-needed, well used sanctuaries. Having a place to retreat during lockdown was a blessing, making your garden a place of productive destressing by growing vegetables and watching your well looked after flowers blossom as June came. It looks like this trend is going to continue for years to come, while our gardens used to be a nuisance to maintain, many of us can’t imagine our lives and social lives without them now. 

1. Rewilding


Part of a garden's charm is in its ability to transport, its sense of energy and growth that helps to make you feel unplugged to the outside world, while gaining a refreshing connection to your little patch of earth.

Some of the buzzwords for 2022 landscaping trends are ‘curated-wilding’ and ‘nature-scaping’, encouraging amateur gardeners to work around nature and let their garden look like they are part of nature rather than a more obviously designed space.

2. Bird Baths


Gone are the days of traditional bird baths, in 2022 they're getting a modern revamp. Swiftly making a return to british gardens, these delicate water features made a big splash at the Chelsea Flower Show. They are also perfect for birdwatching, and may encourage non-seed or nut eating birds to visit your garden who wouldn't have otherwise. 

3. Plant Watching


Plant watching means allowing nature to work its magic and enjoy the effects of the seasons on your plants. Follow your plant's journey through every different colour variation. Or if you want plants that continue to thrive even in their last days, Hostas and Peonies are perfect.

Encouraging this kind attitude towards your garden might inspire you to document the life of your plants, through sketches or journaling their life span. Like bird watching, plant watching can be a relaxing and distracting activity as well as being another, more artful, way of enjoying your garden. 

4. Forget-me-nots 


This year's biggest flower is set to be ‘forget-me-nots’, making it retailers' most wanted flower. With searches for the purple and blue flower increasing tenfold on Google, dotting these vibrant delicate flowers all around your garden seems like the most stylish move for 2022.


4. Bring the inside out!

One of the biggest characteristics of a home is the garden, even more so in 2022. As we now know more than ever how useful and relaxing having a garden to retreat to can be.

2022 is going to see an increase in making your outside space mirror your interior space. This can be as simple as keeping the colour scheme the same or having a unique design that elongates outside, for example having the same flooring in the kitchen through to the patio. Our Porcelain range is ideal for this.

Planning your designs for the year ahead can be exciting, when thinking about laying the foundations of your ideas be sure to check out the paving stones on our website. From our smooth stone collection to our circle kits, finding inspiration for your dream garden has never been easier. We hope this blog has got you inspired for your 2022 garden.