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First Time Buyer? Here’s our Garden Tips

In this month's blog we’re looking at some tips to help first time buyers with their new gardens. With house prices rising, getting on the property ladder has almost never been harder. When looking at houses there are many superficial things that, at first look, can be very off putting, like an overgrown untended garden. 

When it comes to improving your new garden, making a dramatic impact can be easier than you think. In this blog we’ve gathered some of our most useful tips for getting your garden looking great.

Lay down the foundations

On a budget? Think about making effective choices when it comes to where you want to spend your money. Putting a new patio in place can make your garden instantly more liveable and accessible. Establishing a foundation, like a patio, can be a good stepping stone for adding furniture and lighting, as well as potted plants. 

If the garden already has a patio look into making small improvements to the grouting, this is a more budget friendly option that can have surprisingly effective results. 

For some inspiration be sure you check on out paving stones on our website here.

DIY hacks

While home hacks are usually associated with the inside, being inventive with ways in which you can spruce up your garden may encourage you to spend more time outside. 

When it comes to moving house, establishing good housekeeping habits quickly can help them stick. If you want to work on the sustainability of your home why not look into making mini greenhouses out of used plastic bottles or creating your own herb garden. 

Get the right tools for the job

If this is your first garden, invest in some good staple tools that will last. Gardening gloves and pruning shears are a good start. If your new home has a pre-existing lawn the right equipment is important to ensure the grass is maintained in a healthy state, sourcing a lawn mower and edge cutting can make a big difference in the appearance of the lawn. 

Getting the right tools can help maintained your patio as well, although they only need minimum upkeep, making sure no weeds infiltrate your new patio can make a big visual difference. 

Think about what you want from your garden

How much time do you want to spend in the garden, or more importantly how much time do you have/want to spend working on your garden. Do you want to come to it every two weeks or are you wanting to hands on with producing the landscape of your dreams. 

Thinking about this can help when picking the right plants for you. Hardy geraniums and bulbs are great for leaving them to it, laying down a patio is also great for removing the stress of lawn upkeep. Or maybe start a herb sanctuary that you can tend to daily, depending on how much time you can put into your garden.

Create a biodiverse garden 

 A low maintenance option for your garden is letting nature do the work for you. By encouraging wildlife to grow freely in contained areas of your garden you will have yearly blooming flowers that can brighten up your space.

Creating a space that is wildlife friendly is also a great way to encourage insect and bird activity in your garden. Butterflies and bees are especially important to our way of life, therefore making a place that is not only hospitabile them but sustainable is the perfect way to ensure your garden is having a positive effect on your garden.

We hope these tips have helped you get excited about your next garden adventure and eased your concerns about what can be achieved in your new space.