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5 Small Patio Ideas to Make the Most of your Space for Summer

Turning your outdoor space into an idyllic retreat can be a daunting venture, especially if your space is limited. Will it be worth all the hard labour if it's only a few metres wide? The answer is yes. Outdoor space is an awful thing to waste. While the possibilities may not be limitless, pushing the design limits of your space is definitely worth your while. 

Divide and Conquer

What do you want from your space? Outlining how and when you are going to use your patio can be helpful when it comes to laying down the foundation of what you want to achieve. Creating zones though your designs can be useful for forming visual separations, tricking the eye, making your space feel larger. Leaving a space for grass can allow you to develop a small plant patch if you want in the future, especially as spring comes along.  

Laying down a clear patio space is great for establishing a spot for furniture and a dining area. The paving stones don’t have to sprawl over the whole garden, laying down a few is perfect for giving your garden ease of use and zoning the space slightly can help when it comes to hosting. 

Think vertically


Decorate the fences and surrounding walls as you would the interior of your home, shelves are a great way to display plants or to serve as a ledge for your coffee without taking up any floor space. Use your design skills to think of a vertical floor plan, if space is of the essence, look into hanging baskets, fairy lights, tall parasols can style the space dramatically without losing out on floorspace. It also draws the line of sight up, making your space appear larger than it is.

Neutral in nature


Sticking to a clean, calm colour palette can really pay off when it comes to maximising a small space. Contrasting colours tend to divide an area, while a neutral consistency can create a continuity, making the space feel wider and more relaxing. Depending on what you want from your garden, opting for a hotel-like colour scheme can create a tranquil atmosphere.

More is more!


While minimalism can seem like the way to go, in order to avoid the space feeling crowded, if what you want to achieve is a cosy spot to relax in, lean into the maximalism of comfort. Creating a nook in your garden is a great idea for making your small space accessible.

When you think of a reading corner the first word you think of is inviting, capturing that sense of cosiness outside can seem tricky. But with the right materials and imagination, your little slice of nature can quickly become your favourite place to relax. Especially as the weather warms up. Blankets, warm lighting, comfy seating areas can seem like a lot to fit in but as @ambiente_ist_alles shows, indulging in the nest-like aesthetic can create a calming and inviting spot. 

Opt for rounded furniture

Choosing smaller, rounder furniture can help free up the space. Without the corners to avoid, the illusion of space is created. Geometric shapes can remind your mind of offices and work while softer shapes are associated with comfort, maximising feelings of calm and relaxation. Another name for curved furniture is ‘conversation furniture’ which as the name implies can create a more intimate vibe. Making it the perfect choice for hosting!

Get the most out of your garden this summer by giving your space a makeover. Check out our range of paving stones here; from porcelain to sandstone we’re sure you’ll find your new patio foundation with us.