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Our Gardens, landscaped by you

As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to think about how you want your patio to look. Are you looking for a place to entertain or are you hoping to design a spot for relaxing after work? Whatever you have in mind, in this blog we’re looking at some of our customer designs who have used a variety of our paving stones to help you get excited and inspired about your summer garden.

Angelina - product is Kandla Grey

Clean cut gardens like this one make a great foundation for your garden, their timeless appeal mean you can characterise your garden in any way you like when it comes to accessories and plants and the base is so classic. This customer has used our Kandla Grey to create a neat and uniform look, ideal for smart flower beds and clean lines. 

Creating a colourful heaven like this one is easy with our multi coloured cobbles, they add a subtle colourful mosaic to work your plants and furniture around. Their nostalgic look is reminiscent of a small Mediterranean town, perfect for a romantic garden. We love the platform this customer has created, looks like the ideal spot for sun bathing. Find our Multi Colour Cobbles here.

Looking to add some visual interest to your garden but don’t want the upkeep of plants? Why not create some intrigue through your patio design? Repeating patterns, especially circular ones are extremely popular for their pleasing, relaxing design. This customer has created the perfect spa like design with the dark grey borders and matching garden furniture.

This creative customer has used multiple paving stones and cobbles to create this rustic look. The brick planters are perfect for this look and the cobble boarders are great for creating neat lines while maintaining a relaxed look.

Our Autumn Blend paving stones add a beautiful amount of warmth and colour to your garden. This customer's swooping path is a characterful focal point in the garden next to the lush green lawn. 

Imagine this, it's mid August the sun is just setting and you head out on your patio from those beautiful French doors, with a refreshing drink in your hand. Our Autumn Blend paving stones give character and drama to any garden, its versatility mean you have unlimited possibilities in creating the garden of your dream garden. 

This botanical style of this garden is perfect for the summer heat, the metal heater is also perfect for the unreliable British weather. This raised patio looks great for hosting, the subtle demarcation can help zone the garden. The bright paving stones against wooden planters are the perfect backdrop for the colourful tropical plants.

We hope some of these gardens have inspired you to get creative with your garden. If you do decide to change up your outside space, be sure to tag us @lestapaving. We love to see how our customers design their patios with our products!