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Customer Gardens: Our Paving Stones, Landscaped by You

We always marvel at how our customers design their gardens and patios using our products. Whether it’s a revamped family patio or a new garden path, each one is different and a joy to see. In this week’s blog, we've rounded up some of our favourite customer designs.

@Insidenumber.ten knows how to create a streamlined and modern patio, fit for any and every occasion. Our Kandla grey paving stones never fail to add a splash of elegance and style to any garden. The use of levels and potted plants elevate this patio to a spa like level, perfect for the summer days ahead.

Working with pre existing levels can be hard to plan with, but this customer has proven that the planning is worth it. The contrast of brick with our Kandla Grey paving stones creates a sense of unity and seamlessness with the house and patio. Choosing a strict and classic colour palette can result in a timeless and welcoming outdoor space, ideal for a growing family and parties. 

The south of France anyone? Fancy creating a holiday effect in your back garden, our multi coloured cobbles are stunning for giving your space a nostalgic style. Complemented with bright flowers and pebbles, this garden has perfected the art of a romantic summery back garden. 

This patio speaks for itself… Our Fossil Cream porcelain paving paired with this gorgeous wooden shelter looks like something out of a zen garden. Matching the colours has created a cosy alcove style patio, the continuous colour palette makes the space feel inviting and calming. The colourful pop of colour from the tree adds the perfect lift and energy to the area.  

This sun trap looks like a little corner of Mediterranean bliss. The colourful accents and characterful accessories add a unique personality and intrigue to the patio. The picture perfect garden furniture also completes the relaxed aesthetic. Add a chartreuse board and a bottle of red and you have the ideal summer getaway. 

Adding the final touches to your garden can be exciting, picking out the perfect cushions and pots to perfectly complement your patio. Our Raj Green paving stones are great for adding brightness and warmth to the space, the cool toned accents of the furniture work really well against the warm neutrals of the paving, bringing a complimentary balance. 

Thinking about getting into gardening this spring, why not take a leaf out of this customer's book and create a structure to showcase your plants. Our Kandla Grey paving stones act as the ultimate foundation for a stylish garden, flawlessly adding a cool and modern tone to the garden. 

Inspired to add some interesting levels to your garden or rethink the space entirely? We hope this blog has got your creative landscaping juices flowing. We love seeing how our products look in our customers gardens, if you do decide to change up your space be sure to tag us @lestapaving.