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7 Beautiful Patio Design Ideas

Thinking about updating your garden? Looking for patio ideas? A garden patio is perfect for an outdoor living space throughout the summer months and further.

From polished smooth paving to traditional cobbles, there’s a choice for every style. Even into December the right garden design can prove invaluable and durable with a patio providing a weatherproof space to gather around a firepit or barbeque.

Compared with lawned gardens, patios require little maintenance and therefore have become the preferred choice for those with busy lives. After all, you don’t want your whole weekend taken up with weeding and pruning. Here are some of our ideas for your new patio design.

1. Work around your garden

Whether your garden is big or small doing your homework is key. Research what would look good in your space, as well as what you plan to do with it.

Do you want to host a get together every weekend? Or is the space for dining outdoors with your family? And remember to work around your space, if you have established shrubs and trees where you would like to lay down your patio, think about working around the plants as they may add a fresh and inviting aspect to your new area. 

2. Shade

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It can be so exciting planning your new patio, thinking about all your friends and family coming round and the barbeques you’ll have. But an important part of finalising your space is ensuring there is some shade.

Whether it’s a parasol or a built-in roof, you’ll be thankful for the extra hours you get to spend outside due to the shaded areas you’ve put in place. This will help to minimise sun exposure and heat stroke, as well as making your space inviting even when the nights get cooler. 

3. Minimalism 

Creating a clean, streamlined space can turn your garden into a place you want to be, rather than somewhere that always needs fixing. And the upkeep is in the name, minimal - leaving you to enjoy your garden without the fuss.

A minimalist aesthetic is also calming to look at and it’s no surprise as the original source of minimalism is from the zen gardens in Japan. More than a garden style, this design can be balancing and relaxing for you and your family. 

4. Circular Patio Designs 

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Depending on the space you’ve got to work with and the style of your garden, a rounded patio can offer a beautiful focal point. It could be used as a firepit or a barbeque area, surrounded by furniture and plants.

Or they can make a great seating area with built in seats and some outdoor cushions, a circular patio area can be great for separating your space.

5. Take your patio to the next level…literally

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Incorporating steps into patio designs offers both stylish and practical advantages. Providing useful demarcation between areas and an impressive entrance from your home to the outside. The separation from the grass areas can ensure they stay looking their best as well, providing protection to delicate plants and shrubbery. 

6. Outdoor Lighting 

With the right lighting, whether that is artificial or a firepit, you can turn your patio into an inviting scene all year round. Backlighting plants around the space will give a dramatic and warm ambiance to the space, extending the hours you and your family can spend in your garden.

From DIY mason jars to Solar powered fairy lights, we all know lighting is everything. So, when adding the finishing touches to your space be sure to think about how to set the mood of your new patio. 

7. Be bold

Patterned floors are not just for indoors. When it comes to paving designs be sure to infuse some of your personality and taste into the look. It doesn’t have to be too bold, but a pop of character can bring the space alive. Why not look into some different colours, contrasting designs, various shapes? After all, there’s no reason why the foundation of your space can’t be the focal point.

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Getting a new patio and figuring out how you want to decorate it can be exciting. From the potted plants that line the area to the colour of paving stone you chose. And remember even the subtlest refresh of your garden can update its whole look. Have you been inspired with any of these patio ideas to update your outdoor space?

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