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Order related

+ If I order now, when will my delivery come?

Each product has its own lead time clearly stated next to the product. Delivery will normally be less than 7 days, typically 3-5 days. We will aim to contact you directly by phone within 2 working days of your order to suggest a delivery date. If the date provided isn’t suitable we will re-arrange according to available dates and your convenience. It is essential someone is available to receive delivery. We also offer express delivery and next day delivery at a small additional cost, which you can opt in for at the check out page. Please contact us on 0116 3800 545 for specific delivery dates.

+ What happens if there are some breakages / damages?

Please report any breakages or damages as soon as possible

We will happily issue a refund for any product purchased from Lesta Paving, providing we are notified within 14 days of the delivery date, and subject to the following conditions:

– the product must be returned unused and as new, in saleable condition, and in the original product packaging.

– you will receive a full refund of the amount paid less £100 per crate to cover the original delivery and return charges.

Damaged Goods:

On the odd occasion 1 or 2 slabs may have broken in transit, if this is the case we recommend you use these for the cuts you will usually have to make when laying a patio.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your goods are checked before signing the delivery note. If you have received a pallet or crate that is damaged and have chosen to accept the delivery, it is important that you sign the delivery note as “damaged”.

You must notify us of any damage within 48 hours of receipt via email and we will require digital photographic evidence of the damage to be supplied to us via email or alternatively printed media via the postal system, but you must have notified us within the first 48 hours of receipt.

We will then arrange to collect and replace your item within the usual time scales as indicated in the terms of delivery or offer an alternative remedy. Signing of the delivery note as ‘unchecked’ (or similar wording) does not waive your right of notification to us for damage.

Signing the delivery note as ‘unchecked’ (or similar wording), will be deemed to have been accepted as undamaged.

We cannot accept claims for damaged goods if the courier has obtained a clean signature or if more than 48 hours have passed since delivery.

+ What happens if I order too much?

We are able to take back full-unopened packs, but we will have to charge you the full cost of collection depending where you are and what the product is. If you are unsure on how much product you need please call our customer service team o n 0116 3800 545 or email us on info@lestapaving.co.uk and our team will be happy to help.

+ What happens if I don’t order enough?

We advise our customers when ordering materials it is important to allow 10% extra for cuts, waste and a small number of potential breakages, usually up to 5% breakages are acceptable.

+ What if I wish to return a product?

Products can be returned as long as they are unopened/undamaged. Returning a product will incur a return delivery fee, normally the same cost as your original delivery.

+ My slabs are not exactly the same as the sample I received, why?

Samples only represent a typical example of that particular stone type and finish but does not represent the overall proportions of colours that will be found in any final deliveries of the product. This is due to the fact that natural stone products are characteristically subject to colour variations and markings. The degree of colour variations and markings cannot be pre-determined prior to delivery or changed on receipt of the product.

+ Why are your prices so low?

Lesta Paving prides itself on offering low prices for quality products to our customers. This is possible because we are a direct importer, cutting out the need for costly middlemen.

Delivery related

+ Some stones look like they have scratches and scuffs on them, are these seconds?

We do not supply seconds. Minor surface marks or scuffs are normally caused by the tiles rubbing together during production or during transit. These will not normally be visible once the stones have been cleaned and sealed. The stones are hand split using chisels and occasionally very small chisel marks may be seen on the edge of the stone. This is characteristic of the stone and not a defect.

+ How will the delivery be made?

Our standard delivery is a one-man service, this includes offloading the good from the truck via Tail-lift and manoeuvring it to a safe and secure area using a manual pallet truck, Please ensure the delivery area is hard, level and safe to take the weight of the pallet truck carrying up to approximately 1 tonne in weight.

The vehicle will lower the pallet to the ground using an electric lift, access may be needed for a rigid lorry up to 20ft, otherwise an additional delivery charge may be made. Please call our office to discuss any delivery requirements or for clarification. Please call us on 0116 3800 545.

+ My delivery arrived late, can I charge you for the builders time?

Whilst our carriers will always make every effort to deliver the products on the agreed delivery date we can not be held responsible for matters beyond our control that results in your products not arriving on the day in question.

Please do not book builders or hire equipment for the day of delivery in case of any events resulting in the scheduled delivery being delayed.

+ I am a paving installer. How do I get listed on your website?

We only list installers who have at least one recommendation from a Lesta Paving customer and have used our products. If you have installed our products we would be happy to contact your customer and get you listed on our site, just give us a call on 0116 3800 545.

+ You don’t list my country / county or town on your site, why not?

If you can’t find your area on our search page, it means we don’t currently have a trader in your area. We are adding traders all the time so we might have someone we can put you in touch with if you give us a call or may be you could try widening your search area to the next town or county. If one of those traders can’t help, they might be able to recommend someone they know in your area.

+ I’m a Lesta paving customer and want to recommend my installer, what should I do?

We’re happy to know that you want to recommend someone! Give us a call and provide their name and contact details and we’ll ask them if they would like to be listed on our website.

+ There are a number of installers in my area listed on your website, can you recommend one of them?

No sorry, we’re not able to recommend one installer over another. All the installers on our Traders site have a positive recommendation from another Lesta Paving customers so you should pick an installer who you are happy with, why not call or meet a number and ask them to quote for your job.

+ I have a dispute with an installer on your website will you mediate?

No we do not, we only provide information about installers. We do not recommend them, nor are they affiliated with Lesta Paving. If you should have a problem with the installer you should take this up with them. If you need to escalate it you should speak to your local Trading Standards office. Lesta Paving will remove any trader from the directory if they fail to resolve any customer complaint regarding an installation using our products.

General information

Natural stone colour

  • Natural stone is low maintenance and hard wearing paving.
  • May contain minor imperfections.
  • Natural products will vary in colour due to natural pigmentation.
  • Tonal variations are evident in all natural stone products. It is important to view a range of samples to acknowledge the authentic diversity in colours, texture and markings.
  • The colours depicted on this website are as accurate as modern technology allows.
  • Always lay Natural stone on a full mortar bed.
  • We recommend Natural Limestone and Smooth Natural Sandstone be sealed to assist with maintenance and care of your patio.
  • Smooth Natural Sandstone needs to be handled very carefully when installing to minimise damage and staining. We would advise that the product be sealed prior to laying.
  • For information on specific sealants, please contact the manufacturer.
  • We always recommend testing a sealant on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it does not have any adverse affects on your paved area.
  • After laying, some natural stone products may exhibit a brown colouration when oxidation of any iron content occurs.

Reconstituted stone colour

  • Colours may vary subtly, especially in weathered shades.
  • Colours will appear different during varying weather conditions such as, sunlight and rain. Please check colour samples on dry daylight conditions.
  • Manufactured products are designed to simulate natural stone and naturally occurring aggregates are utilised, therefore variation between batches can occur. Where possible, products should be selected from the same product batch.
  • To produce an overall natural appearance when using two or more packs of product we suggest that individual products are drawn from each pack and mixed on site at the onset of the project.
  • Decorative products will weather over time.
  • The colours depicted on this website are as accurate as modern technology allows.


  • Efflorescence appears on concrete paving products as white patches or a lightening of the surface colour, but seems to disappear when wet. It is formed by a normal chemical reaction between cement and water, which causes calcium hydroxide (lime) to migrate through damp concrete to the paving surface and then react with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting in a deposit of calcium carbonate crystals. Efflorescence is very unpredictable in its occurrence but is more prevalent in winter when concrete becomes wet and dries more slowly. Although there are cleaners available, efflorescence is a natural phenomenon and will generally disappear with the natural weathering process and the passage of time.
  • Lesta Paving cannot accept responsibility for the effect of efflorescence, which can be a characteristic of all good quality products with high cement content.