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Customer Gardens: Our Paving Stones, Landscaped by You: Kandla Grey

We love seeing how our customers design their gardens and patios using our paving stones. Whether it’s a new family patio or a revamped driveway, each one is different and great to see. 

As summer gets in full swing, are you thinking about redesigning your garden? If so, look no further for inspiration. In this week’s blog, we have collected some of our favourite customer designs that use one of our bestsellers, ‘Kandla Grey’ paving stones. 

1.     Stepping Stones

Our customer Danny Swift has created a beautiful contrast in his garden with the bright red bricks against our cool toned Kandla Grey paving stones. Steps can add a dramatic touch to any garden, and the addition of levels is always pleasing to the eye in landscaping.  

2.     On a grand a scale

Customer, @mattmavin has shown how to elevate a garden with our stylish paving stones. Turning his space into the perfect setting for parties or dining al fresco. 

3. Partition with paving 

Our customer, Simon Potter, has an eye for landscaping. Separating the garden up with paths and borders gives the space an element of utility and makes it all the more inviting to guests with high heels!

4. Cool Blue

You don’t have to know the colour wheel like the back of your hand. But knowing how to compliment and contrast with certain colours in your garden can elevate the space. This customer has leant into the cool grey tones with blue chairs and purple plants. Making this patio perfect for a summer evening. 

We enjoy seeing how our customers design our paving stones in their garden. So be sure to tag us in your posts @lestapaving. We love to see them!