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Summer is Coming to an End, Here’s How to Make Use of Your Garden for Longer

Winter can be a quiet time for your garden. With the cold weather setting in, many of us are donning our knitted jumpers lighting our fires, but the arrival of winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors till spring arrives. In fact, there are lots of ways you can enjoy your garden during the colder months. While the cold temperatures may deter your enthusiasm for the outdoors, there is still plenty of pleasure to be taken from your garden. 

Evergreen fever

Evergreens provide visual interest and character throughout the cold drab winter months. In autumn the soil tends to be warmer, while the air is cooler, meaning it is the perfect setting for planting evergreens to fill up the sparser areas of your garden. Evergreens remain green and functional throughout the year and the possibilities for how you can use them are endless. You can plant them in pots, construct borders with them or grow them on the side of the house. 

Winter Berries

When a blanket of snow is covering your garden it is hard to imagine the bright colours of summer popping through. While many flowers won’t bloom during the cold months a sure fire way to install pops of brightness throughout the garden is by planting berry trees. 

Grow them near your front door for a vibrant welcome home or dot them around the garden for continued colourful interest. Gualtheria is a stunning option if you want a touch of pink or the classic Holly, with its iconic leaves and captivating bright red berries, it makes your garden look Christmas Card ready instantly. 

Set the mood

Garden lanterns are a lovely way to add some warmth to those dark winter nights. Up-lighting a snow laden tree or placing small lanterns in the borders makes the garden seem a little more magical. They work especially well if you have a conservatory – evening guests will be able to enjoy your garden without having to brave the cold air. 

Warm and inviting lighting will also encourage you to spend time on your patio, wrapped up of course!

Winter Vegetables

Winter vegetables give you double the value for your money. Not only do they look great in winter, but you can eat them too! Many vegetables like kale, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage actually taste better after having been exposed to frost.

Pre - Spring Clean

When you’re in the middle of the growing season, it’s tricky to pause and take the time to organize your garden shed. Take advantage of the downtime winter brings to take on some of those maintenance tasks you just can’t seem to fit in when the weather is nicer. You’ll thank yourself when Spring comes!

Autumn is also a great time to weed out invasive species, with the leaves gone and the branches bare you can see the structure of your garden more clearly. Meaning you will be able to spot the unwanted weeds growing. 

Feed the birds

Though many plants will no longer be in bloom, there is still plenty of life outside in nature. Attract your local wildlife with bird feeders filled with suet and seeds or dried corn cobs for squirrels. 

Spending time in the garden during the cold wintery days can be tricky, but with a few simple adjustments you can make the most out of your green space. Even if that means just admiring it from the comfort of the conservatory.  

We hope these tips have helped you think of ways you can enjoy your garden during winter. And while a garden can be hard work to manage at times remember, a garden is meant to be enjoyed not a burden. So make sure you find the time to reap the benefits of your work and take in the space you’ve created.