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Instagram’s Trending Patio Looks – Our Top 5

This year's trends are all about making your outdoor space part of your everyday life. It’s all about ease of use, minimal upkeep, and comfort. In this week's blog we’re looking at some of our favourite patio trends to get you inspired!

1. Colour


With summer well and truly in the past, it can be hard to imagine the kinds of colour you could infuse into your garden. But, why not take a fallen leaf out of @hauserfurniture’s book with some bold furniture. While neutrals are all the rage indoors, we’re starting to see more and more bold colourful choices for the exterior space this season. 

2. Winter Proofing 


When you have spent time, invested money and effort into making your stunning outdoor space perfect, you don’t want your time cut short by winter! A fire pit or outdoor stove can create an inviting garden area for you and your guests to enjoy all year long.

3. Help the planet


Climate change is on everyone’s lips. With a tonne of information coming at us on various sides of the internet on what we need to change to help the planet, being proactive can feel overwhelming. However, helping to prevent climate change might be easier than you think. With David Attenboroughs call to action, ‘count every butterfly you see’, making your garden hospitable for your local wildlife can be as simple as planting Buddleia and Milkweed. Both are perfect hosts for the butterfly population. 

4. Multipurpose Furniture


Entertainment became less of a focus in 2020, meaning exterior furniture has developed to accommodate both anticipated social gatherings and day to day living. When investing in new furniture think about how you will want to use it, it could be handy to have pieces that separate or elongate for specific occasions and smoothly compact when you need them to. 

5. Edible Gardens


While looking out for the wildlife around you is paramount, getting your 5 a day is important too. Becoming self-sufficient is one of the biggest trends around for its obvious environmental benefits as well as the meditative value for you. Just imagine growing, looking after and finally reaping the benefits of your gardening skills by tucking into your home grown roast dinner!

We hope some of the trends have got you inspired to change up your patio space, even as the days get colder. Be sure to tag us in your finished garden projects @lestapaving, we love to see them!