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Get Ready For Hosting Season: 6 Ways to Prepare your Garden for the warmer weather

Spring has arrived and the UK has been delightfully sunkissed already and it’s only March. We thought it was the right time to share our top tips for hosting the ultimate garden gathering: from preparing your space to styling your seating area.

Spring cleaning 

The first point of call for any outdoor hosting should be to make sure your garden is clean and tidy; mow the lawn in neat stripes, remove dead-heads off any flowers, de-weed the patio and hide away any toys or gardening tools.

Giving yourself a clear area to decorate will allow you to see the space better and assess the possibilities.

Protect your plants

It may seem logical to flood your plants with as much water as possible, but this will actually do more harm than good during a heatwave. Allowing the roots to sit in stagnant, standing water is always unhealthy, and will allow rot to form. Plants that have access to good soil are able to adjust to extreme weather, provided the soil doesn't dry out completely. 

It’s good practice to test your soil every morning during the heatwave: stick your finger into the soil near the root; if the soil is wet below the surface, there's no need to water. If it's just damp, it's time to re-water. 

Adapt your furniture

While your garden furniture is fit for any kind of weather, modifying it to suit the heatwave will make a big difference to your space. Prepping your garden furniture with extra cushions and blankets can add colour to your patio as well as making your guests feel warm and comfy. 

Gazebos help to contain warmth and are a great failsafe for unpredictable spring showers. Crosswinds can be the biggest issue for bringing the cold weather in, so before your garden party guests arrive, put up a windbreak around your seating area to keep the gathering cosy and comfortable. Hopefully you won’t need it, but just in case!

Let there be light!

Outdoor lighting is just what you need to add that all-important glow at dusk. It's not one to overlook, as with the perfect lighting, you can really transform your garden. While the nights are getting longer, extending your party by a few hours is easily done with a set of fairy lights or garden torches holding citronella candles to help repel mosquitos and midges. Combining a selection of different styles creates a magical romantic atmosphere.

Safety first

While we’ve all missed getting our vitamin D in the winter months, make sure to take precautions when basking in the sun. Ensure there is enough shaded area for all your guests. A parasol over the garden furniture is the perfect way to allow your party to stay safe in the sun while being outdoors. Plus a garden party gazebo means the celebrations can go on even if it starts to drizzle.

Patio ready

As the weather warms up, now is the time to think about the foundations of your garden, are they in need of a revamp? Laying down a new patio is easier than you’d think. Redesigning your patio for summer can be an exciting process, choosing your new theme and colour palette can bring a new energy to your garden. Fit for all your hosting and relaxing needs.  

Here at Lesta Paving we pride ourselves on providing premium paving, ensuring your garden looks perfect for the warmer weather and stays that way for years to come. Be sure to look at our range of paving stones from porcelain to more traditional styles here.