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Why Porcelain Paving is Making Waves in 2022

Porcelain paving is an increasingly popular choice for outdoor living spaces. Porcelain has countless attractive advantages when compared to more traditional materials like turf or natural stone paving due to its durability and stylish timelessness. In this month's blog we’re breaking down our top 5 reasons for choosing porcelain paving. 

1. Minimal Maintenance

Weeding up-keep, cleaning the grouting, replacing the odd stone every few years are problems of the past. Porcelain's highly durable structure means you can invest in large slabs that will remove the need for consistent maintenance. While some enjoy keeping their garden looking spick and span, our luxourious porcelian paving gives you the best of both worlds, a gorgeous patio with little to no up-keep.

2. It’s timeless 

While garden trends change with the seasons, one thing will always remain - good, classic foundations. Porcelain paving is the perfect substructure for supporting your new garden styles as well as suiting almost any colour scheme. Modern gardens, in recent years, have opted for seamless, jointless designs features found harmoniously in our porcelain paving. 

3. No, really it’s timeless

Regardless of its good looks, the way in which Porcelain paving is constructed means it is incredibly durable meaning it will serve you and your garden for many years to come. Composed of naturally occurring materials and refined clay, which is then exposed to a significant amount of pressure and subsequently fired at a high temperature in a kiln. This process creates an extremely hard wearing material that absorbs very little water during its lifetime. 

4. Safety reasons

Despite its smooth looking surface porcelain paving is carefully manufactured with a non-slip texture. Making it an ideal choice for those with little kids. And during the winter months the paving can improve the safety of your garden even when there's frost outside.

5. Weather resistant

Due to its non porous characteristics, porcelain paving prevents damage happening underneath the foundation of the patio. While other porous paving stones soak up water, leading to water erosion on the under layer of the patio making the foundation uneven and dangerous. 

Porcelain paving ensures no problems, such as water penetration, occur as its refined composite structure will keep your patio strong and secure for a lifetime.

If you are interested in porcelain paving or how it can change your garden get in touch via our website or call us: 0116 380 0545