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The Top Garden Trends for 2022: From Porcelain to Outdoor Kitchens

Keeping up with new garden trends each year can be intimidating especially if you want to create a garden that will remain timeless throughout the changing styles.

For this blog we’ve gathered our favourite garden trends that won’t go out of style any time soon, as well as some easy tips and tricks to give your garden a new look quickly. A main theme of 2022 trends however is boldness, while previous years, due to the pandemic, looked at gardening with an aim of comfort and solace from the chaos of the world. This year gardening trends are opting towards looking to the future, getting creative and being experimental with your patch of land. 


While earthy tones remain in vogue, infusing some light colours in your garden is great for adding a fresh pop of colour to your garden without being too distracting. Light green painted furniture or a pastel pink mirror to add colour and the illusion of space in your garden can be a great addition to your garden this year. 

In regard to plants, putting pastels next to fiery reds can create a fresh accent to your flower beds. Alternating pale blues and pinks with vibrant reds and warm oranges can look breezy and play a softening role against the vivid colours. 

Wildlife Friendly 

Fancy having some wildlife in your garden? Making your space hospitable for animals is easier than you think. The best way to attract wildlife is to plant as many native plants as possible, native wildflowers are easy to grow and maintain and ideal for attracting butterflies and bees, who need all the help they can get considering the declining numbers in population in the country.

Sugared water is also great for attracting hummingbirds and other birds for birdwatching. Afterall, the most stylish accessory in any garden is the amazing wildlife you can attract!

Living Walls 

Living walls might have been the stuff of high end gardening a decade ago but today many manufacturers have made them increasingly accessible. It can involve simply attaching wall planters to a bare fence or installing a trellis and weaving in plants like jasmine or letting rosemary grow from the top down. 

While you can go for a plastic alternative, growing your own ‘living’ wall can be incredibly rewarding especially if you grow plants that you can incorporate into your meal. 

Porcelain Paving 

Choosing the foundation of the patio or garden is vital to creating the look you want, while you may want to opt for a blank canvas so you are able to infuse your personality in more minor ways like furnishings and plant pots. Opting for a more dramatic base may make it easier to make a dramatic statement in the long run. Dark paving stones or classical cobbled stones are great for giving your outdoor space character before you have even added the finishing touches. 

Tiles are the obvious choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but what about the outside? With many homeowners wishing to extend their decor into the garden or patio to add a personal touch. Porcelain is extremely adaptable, long lasting and functional, not to mention its stylish appearance. At Lesta Paving we have a diverse range of Porcelain paving stones perfect for making a statement in your garden. They add a luxurious and sleek look to your garden, paired with some comfy garden chairs our porcelain paving stones create an elegant outdoor ambiance. 

Porcelain paving stones can be used indoors as well, making them a perfect choice for a kitchen that extends into the garden for a seamless look. You can find our range of Porcelain Paving stones here.

Purposeful Naturalism

This unique style of gardening might not be for everyone, naturalistic planting includes growing plants in a purposefully overgrown style. From planting in the middle of a concrete walkway to juxtaposing hard and soft material, the look is modern and takes a stylish approach to creating a garden that grows ‘around the world’ rather than imposing a unnatural structure.

Grasses mixed with perennials alongside bulbs and more constricted planting structures is a perfect recipe for this look. This creative trend allows gardening to be more liberating, to look at the possibilities from a different, more abstract perspective. 

We hope these trends have got your creative juices flowing, one of the recurring themes of 2022 garden trends is overwhelming the attitude you take towards gardening. This year the hot trend is to take risks, be bold with your design choices and don’t hold back, afterall it all grows back!